New England and Canada in the Fall season..

Choosing the right dates to see New England and Canada in the Fall foliage season is not an exact science.  It really can be a fine line between witnessing the colours at their peak and doing a tour of the twigs.

However, if you manage to time it right, there is probably no other natural spectacle that delivers colour on such mass as in New England and Canada at its peak and it’s not difficult to see why people flock to this part of the world to see this explosion of colour. It’s like Mother Nature went crazy with the paint box.

So when is the peak season?  Well, in truth each year is different, but I base my own predictions on the fact that most villages in this part of the world have their Fall Foliage festivals around the 7th October.  That seems to be the safest date to choose when you have to book your holiday up to a year in advance. Obviously, every year is different, but that is probably the safest choice.

This year I did two tours in the area. The first trip we had quite good colours and nobody was disappointed but the second trip…. all I can say is WOW!!! Oh boy… the colours had popped! Quite literally.

Every acer, maple, sugar maple (there are actually 4 types of maple) and mountain ash were giving their finest display by the time we reached the best viewing places.

The Kancamangus highway, known locally as the Kanc gave by far the best display of colour but that’s no real surprise as it’s listed as being one of the top drives in the world to view Fall foliage colours. And what’s more we were fortunate to see it on a blue sky sunny day.  The weather does  makes a difference. Although I have to say that when the colours have popped , even on a dull day, the colours are vibrant and somehow manage to light up the sky!

New Hampshire, Vermont around the village of Stowe and in Canada, the drive between Montreal and Quebec gave us some spectacular colours this year.

One lady in my group commented that Milton Keynes has quite a good show of colour during the autumn which of course made me smile. And yes, she’s probably right….. but the draw of New England and Canada is the sheer volume of colour. Mile after mile of reds, golds, amber, and shades in between make this probably one of the best places in the world to view the fall foliage. Leaf peepers are what we are called as we snap away with our cameras trying to capture nature’s display.

So eat your heart out Milton Keynes, New England and Canada have by far won first prize for colour!!

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