We arrived in Beijing after a 4 hour flight from Bangkok and it was straight to dinner on arrival to sample the cuisine of China. Today had been a long day travelling with a relatively early start but the group of Global Explorers are still enjoying every minute and taking it all in their stride.
Our first day in Beijing was spent visiting the iconic sights. For example Tiannmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven and with unusually clear blue skies we weren’t disappointed. Some went off to the Kung Fu Show in the early evening. Not Kung Fu, in a sense that you would imagine. This Shaolin version, known to be the most majestic one, tells the story of the little monk born in to the Shaolin temple. For many this was a highlight of their stay in China!!
The next day we headed off, again with perfect blue skies, to see another Wonder of the World – the Great Wall of China in Badaling. The group showed great stamina as they set foot on the Wall and given the challenge of the hard section or the ‘harder’ section, they of course rose to the challenge and took the more difficult one.
We ended our stay here in Beijing with a great Peking Duck Dinner overlooking the Birds Nest, the site of the Olympic opening ceremony back in 2008 when Beijing hosted the Games.
Next stop -Seoul, South Korea.


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