Good Morning Vietnam

We said our farewell to Singapore in true style… trishaw rides through Little India followed by a Singapore Sling at the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in the bar, Ce La Vie. (Their spelling not mine!). The views from the top were amazing and we all decided that we loved Singapore Slings! Raffles is closed at the moment for renovations and Ce La Vie was our alternative and what an alternative! 57 floors up; the views of Singapore by Night were just stunning.
The next morning we set off early for Hanoi, Vietnam. The temperature’s a bit cooler – now 36 deg BUT now with humidity at 97%. Blimey it’s hot! It’s like walking through a steam room!!! However, the group are coping well in the heat and everywhere is air conditioned. Thankfully!
The afternoon / evening has been free for the group to explore or rest but with only 4 choosing to rest. Once again, I love it that this group of Global Explorers don’t want to miss a thing.
We took taxis in to Hanoi’s old quarter to experience some traditional life and after a little walking tour to show them the highlights, the group split off in to smaller groups to sample the local cuisine. This trip is a nice balance offering a chance to dine independently in smaller restaurants and for the other part enjoy more organised group meals.
The next morning we began the day with a cyclo ride through again the old quarter offering another perspective of the traditional life of Hanoi. We had a learned morning visiting The Temple of Literature, saw the Mausoleum of Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh) but with queues of 7kms to go inside the tomb and with no water allowed, we skipped through to the complex itself and observed the house where he lived his simple life.
Lunch was in one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants here – Le Tonkin – and dinner was in Wild Rice, another of my favourites. It’s great that our Global explorers are sampling the local food in all of these cities. Most have decided that Vietnamese is their favourite so far!!
The highlight of our day in Hanoi had to be the Water Puppet Show! Fortunately, unique to Hanoi and as a one time event unmissable. Second time….????? Well you should probably only experience the water puppets once. A lot of splashing of puppets in tanks of water… an ancient tradition of Hanoi. Hmmm….
For most of the group it’s their first time in Vietnam and a few are revisiting having done previous JY tours here. Vietnam has been a short visit but it’s given a great taste to this wonderful country. Some have already said they want to return and although this tour is a snapshot of ‘the world’ it is proving to be a great sampler of places that many already want to return to. Next stop Bangkok….


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