Singapore…. Day 9

This really is a tour of contrasts! Imagine on Sunday we were being blessed by the Pope in Rome, the next day we were driving past the India Gate in Delhi. The next day we were baking in 45 deg in Agra looking at one of the world’s most lavish declarations of love, The Taj Mahal. The next day we are being served ice by robots in Singapore!!!
What a contrast….
The robots – this is something that has amused me greatly. Not only do they serve ice but they also deliver room service. I left this morning and the little robot was being charged ready for this evening’s busy schedule. Love it!!
Back to Singapore….. whilst it’s warm and humid here, the temperature is somehow more bearable than India and the group have loved their first day here. The day started quite relaxed with a visit to the orchid garden followed by a short boat ride through the financial district of the city.
Lunch was Chinese style but was a selection of nice dishes that we all seemed to enjoy!
Afternoon saw a visit to the Buddhist temple and a little light shopping in Chinatown. Interestingly, or perhaps not surprisingly, the most popular purchase of the day were fans charged by USB cables. I think most people finished afternoon with a dip in the pool before a nice chilled out dinner on the waterfront at Clarke’s Quay.
All in all, this has been a relaxing day in this well ordered corner of Asia!

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