Arrividerci Roma

Day 5 – Arrividerci Roma

Another baking hot day in Rome but we all made the most of our time in the city. Some went off to the big market, some basked in the glory of Piazza Navona, the most beautiful square in Rome – in my humble opinion! Others in the group came with me to discover the riches of Rome beginning with the blessing by Pope Francis himself. We arrived to an empty square which was magnificent to see with so few people. We got in prime position for the blessing and had a great vantage point for the window where the Pope later appeared. It didn’t take long for the square to fill to capacity. We hadn’t realised that it was Pentecost this Sunday so the square was really full. Pope Francis did not disappoint. He came to the window at exactly midday and 10 minutes later, feeling very blessed we moved on to lunch.
How could we finish our visit in Rome without a stop for ice cream so this was exactly what we did in the beautiful Piazza Navona. Tre Scali’s ice cream, one of the most famous in Rome, didn’t disappoint with its speciality chocolate ice cream topped in cream!
For now, it’s Arrividerci Roma with many of the group wanting to come back soon. They threw their 3 coins in the fountain so I’m sure they will be back!

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