Around the world in 32 days…


We set off today on the Global Explorer. A Thirty two day adventure visiting 14 cities in 12 countries and covering a distance of 31,000 miles. Wow…..
We have started our journey in Lucerne, Switzerland – a charming little city in the Swiss Alps nestled between the mountains of Pilatus and Rigi and at the tip of Lake Lucerne.
It was lovely to see the group of 34 enjoy their first day. Three of the group are even previous Global Explorers from the trip we did in 2016 and it was so nice to see them back again, eager for this new adventure that awaits. In fact it was great to see the whole group excited for this epic trip around the world.
So, after a quick turnaround after we arrived, the group were keen to get going and explore the charming city of Lucerne.
We started off by crossing the wooden Chapel Bridge, bedecked in summer flowers, and which has long been the city’s iconic landmark before heading off to the famous Lion Monument. The monument commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred during the French Revolution in 1792 and was once described by Mark Twain as the “most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world”.

We ended our first evening at the Stadtkeller – a Cheese fondue and Swiss Folkore. What better way to complete our first day! There was yodelling, alpine horn blowing and accordion music. A great atmosphere and a great way for out Global Explorers to get to know each other. As we returned to the hotel, the Sun was just setting over the Chapel Bridge and the group agreed that it had been a great first day. Tomorrow we enjoy some more of the mountains and the lake before we head south to Rome.

1 thought on “Around the world in 32 days…

  1. Omg 14 cities that sounds so tiring lol


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