This Blog is mostly going to be about Travel but also about photography. My photography!!  Vain… maybe. But I have had so many requests in the last 12 months to start a blog and a website, I’m hoping this satisfies both counts!

Waves… Well, I’m home from my travels at the moment and when I am home I love nothing more than photographing West Cornwall where I live and at the moment we are having huge swells with something like 28ft waves. For me, with my camera, I am having such fun and just wanted to share some of my photos from the last weekend.  The winds have died down today before they get up again tomorrow so I’m having a day of editing some of the many images I’ve managed to capture.

Camera – some of you camera geeks may want to know what equipment I use.  I have two main camera bodies – a Nikon D500 and a Nikon D800. One full frame and one with a crop sensor.  The geeks will understand that more. Although I am still in love with the D500 I tend to use to the D800 when I’m home as it’s much more of a landscape camera.

The lens – I love to photograph the waves with my Nikon 70-200 VR (f2.8) An amazing lens which is pin sharp and fast in low light conditions.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I am enjoying taking them!!!

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